Your Mod Is Rad! But Buyer, Beware.

Mod Audi Why Costly to Repair Structural and Body Damage

A modified - or mod, tuned or tricked out – vehicle looks super cool, no doubt. But buyer beware! They will also cost you more in terms of repairs and expenses. It’s simple. If you want a reliable, reparable vehicle with easy-to-find standard parts, avoid buying a used or building a new mod. If you want a toy, then go for it. But it will cost you!

Why are mods harder to repair? Because they’re customized. Suspension systems, paint, window tints, lifted and lowered trucks, and the like.

If you’re in an accident, we use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to specify and order OEM parts. But with non-standard body parts on your mod, it will be hard if not impossible to find a good match. It might take hours of research, and you're paying for that labor time. And, it will be in the shop longer than a regular vehicle.

Take this 2011 Audi S4 Premium. When the front right was smashed in, it also damaged standard parts underneath. To make it all fit, Anderson's Autobody ordered OEM parts, then had to return and reorder after-market parts to ensure a perfect fit. Here's the kicker, you may need replacements both for the damaged and perfectly good parts so they are compatible. And remember, if your vehicle is under warranty, that warranty is voided with modified parts.

Your insurance company may also say" “No, you’re on your own."

Our team will offer you a wide range of safe, reliable solutions as we do for all vehicles – whether it’s 50% good enough; 75% pretty darn great; or 100% perfection. We also have seasoned pros who provide affordable repairs to fix dents with PDR (paintless dent repair), scratches with superior buff and polish, and fender benders on tuned-up Beetles, Camaros, Civics Jeeps, Mustangs, and more.

So buyer beware! Before you buy that mod, be sure to get the full history to avoid costly surprises, like owner history report, service and proof of mileage history, repair records, and typical use. And build a repair bank account.

Here’s a great CarBuzz Complete Guide to Buying a Modified Car. Or give us a call if you’re not sure BEFORE you buy!