3 Cool Travel Tips to Start Summer Road Trips

North Idaho schools get out Friday, June 9. And that means hitting the road that afternoon or the next morning. The summer of 2023 is expected to be the busiest since before COVID shutdowns.

More than 60% of American adults say they will travel for July 4 weekend this year - equating to more than 155 million people. It is also nearly 5% or 12 million more people than last year. Of that, 17% are going on vacation, 22% going to a family reunion or party, and 12% are planning day trips. If you're headed out on a solo or family trip, make sure you have prepared your vehicle for the weather change!

Top 3 Road Travel Preparation Tips

  1. VEHICLE READINESS: Check your brakes, tires, fluid levels, battery, lights, and wipers. Take care of any repairs before you go. Book with Anderson's for dents, dings, or paint protection such as Clear Bra. It will keep the rock chips, gravel, and construction tar from damaging your paint.
  2. CONNECT YOUR PHONE: Now is the time to connect your phone to your vehicle's Apple Car Play, Android Auto, or built-in navigation system to drive hands-free on your trip. Download the new map system, or update your navigation system. Always drive hands-free. You will be less frustrated if you plan the best route based on road construction and closures, traffic conditions, and zones. Build in rest stop times to update your Google Maps!
  3. PACK FOR SAFETY: In case you break down or are in an accident, bring water, snacks, phone chargers, jumper cables or battery pack, a spare tire, and a jack. As much as we love dashboard navigation, be sure to print map directions as a backup to electronic navigation. Lastly, don't forget your medications, toiletries, outdoor shoes, driver's license, registration, and auto insurance.

If you are traveling to the Lake Pend Oreille area, please know we are a tow away and you can drop off anytime on a weekend. If you are local and headed out, make sure you selected a certified i-CAR body shop, or call us if you need recommendations. You also have the right to have it towed here if closer to home - even if hours away.