A Christmas Message from Anderson’s Autobody

All of us here at Anderson’s Autobody want to wish everyone in our community a very safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

We’ve had so many new folks move into the area, on top of new home builds, that keeping up with our own business along with all new local business activity, has been overwhelming. To say the least! It’s exciting to meet new families and just as exciting to see the younger ones become new drivers.

But we can’t let all the hustle and bustle keep us from extending our very best wishes to everyone living here!

It’s become a harsher-than-normal winter so far, which is why we’ve made a real effort this year to share our best auto safety, road, and insurance tips on our digital platforms. If you’re planning on traveling out of the area over the holidays, please drive safe, stay warm, and use common sense when and if you’re confronted with any situation.

We want to thank all who have supported Anderson’s Autobody, especially in the last couple of years. Your trust in our ability to repair and keep your vehicle in good working condition means the world to us. Even though we hope to not “see you again soon” due to hazardous roads or wandering wildlife, these things are just part of life here in North Idaho. Please know we are here for you and any special needs to keep you mobile.

Please be safe and have a wonderful holiday experience this season and into 2023.

Bob Anderson

Business Owner