The Real Cost of Side-Impact Collisions on Trucks and SUVs

2023 GMC Yukon Took a Big Side Impact Hit nd Cost $28,000 So Choose the Right Insurance and Body Sho

At Anderson's Autobody, we understand the impactliterally and figurativelythat side collisions can have on your cherished trucks and SUVs. No one likes to think about the aftermath of a collision, but being prepared with the right level and type of auto insurance and choosing the best repair shop can make a world of difference to your bottom line, resale value, and safety.

The Extensive Damages Unveiled

Picture this: a stunning 2023 GMC Yukon visiting Sandpoint from Montana, cruising confidently until an unexpected side impact alters its fate. Whether you are a daily commuter, an avid camper, or a commercial vehicle owner, the fallout from such an incident can be financially burdensome, and compromise your vehicle's safety.

Suspension Systems: The Silent Victim

Front or side impacts are no laughing matter, especially when it comes to your vehicle's suspension systems. Safety and weather resilience hang in the balance, urging you to choose repair wisely.

It Takes Time - But Worth It

Never compromise on quality when it comes to your truck or SUV. Opt for a 5-star, i-CAR-certified auto collision repair shop like Anderson's Autobody. Before making any decisions, peruse customer reviews and scrutinize the shop's status with the Better Business Bureau. You should expect a 6-8 week repair timeline because of the extensive damage to the frame, suspension system, computer systems, tires, and glass. There are over 3,000 different large and small parts in a vehicle and coordinating all of the parts and the order in which to address them is not a quick fix.

Damage Beyond the Surface: What to Expect

The repercussions of a side-impact collision extend far beyond superficial dents. From crumpled door panels to shattered glass, the range of damages is extensive.

  1. Door and Panel Damage: Lightweight materials used in modern vehicle doors necessitate panel replacement after a side-impact collision. Access to up-to-date OEM information is crucial for effective repairs.
  2. Wheel Damage: Lightweight wheels are vulnerable to severe impact, often requiring replacement. Wheel hubs and related components may also suffer damage, demanding thorough inspection and repair.
  3. Frame Damage: The unibody frame, designed to absorb collision force, can succumb to side impacts. This compromises the overall structural integrity, necessitating corrective measures from advanced body shops equipped with the latest technology and repair information.

The $28,000 Reality Check

In the case of our 2023 GMC Yukon, the repair bill amounted to a staggering $28,000. This figure often surprises vehicle owners, highlighting the importance of carrying the right kind of insurance on more expensive vehicles. Unexpected costs like these emphasize the need for comprehensive coverage that extends beyond basic liabilities.

Carry the Proper Insurance - Don't Go on the Cheap!

Anderson's Autobody urges you to carry the proper insurance for your valuable vehicles. Repairs, especially with the computerized systems of today, can be expensive. Choosing quality over cost ensures your safety on the road and protects your investment. If you have questions about auto insurance in North Idaho, we can recommend some trustworthy, credible agents who won't over or undersell you based on your specific vehicle, time and use, and typical road conditions.

You can also consult our Insurance IQ Guide. We can help you navigate the best processes and practices.

We work for you, our vehicle owners, not the insurance companies. Having been around 35 years, we can tell you which insurance companies our DRP and the easiest to work with if you're the customer!