Growing Trend: Commercial Truck and Van Repairs on the Rise!

Foresty trucks are among many commercial vehicle collision repairs performed by Anderson's Autobody

With the growth of modernized infrastructure, commercial construction, and residential services in recent years, Anderson’s Autobody has seen a rise in commercial truck and van collision repairs and repainting needs. We’ve got you covered. Making room for a larger volume of commercial trucks is one of the many reasons we recently expanded our facility space.

Since 2022, one of the major trends in the truck repair industry is the growing preference for locally-owned truck repair shops. This is because independent local shops are more convenient and generally provide better customer service than national chains - according to national customer surveys. This is because independent local shops are more convenient and generally provide better customer service than national chains - according to national customer surveys.

We Focus on Small Business Owners

Now, the term “commercial trucks” is very broad. It includes tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, box trucks, and cement mixers. Depending on the job, we may not have the capacity to handle something that large or specialized.

Our focus remains on small business owners in construction, landscaping, tree removal, gravel, furniture, food delivery, and more. We’re just repairing more of them than ever before. Newer people to the area may be surprised to know that we see dozens of these vehicles every year - helping to keep fleets on the road.

Local businesses depend on these vehicles for their livelihood. So, whether your rig has been out in the wild and hit by a moose, or you’re helping to build local bridges and get hit by a cargo trailer - our seasoned autobody and paint tech team will work fast and furious to return it to fully functional, pre-accident condition. We also partner with local diesel and gas truck repair shops to ensure any smashed electrical, mechanical, or computer parts are replaced, too.

And we can deliver on any upgrades to protect your investment. Popular body modifications for construction trucks, for example, include adding brush guards or grille guards to protect the front of the truck, installing heavy-duty bumpers for added durability and towing capability, or equipping the truck with a winch for additional pulling power.

5 Commercial Vehicles We Typically Work On

Anderson’s structural body and paint technicians have the skill, experience, and equipment to perfect your rig. We fix:

  1. Cargo Vans: Big transportation vans like the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Dodge Ram ProMaster, have a large, enclosed cargo area for transporting everything from furniture and cabinets to plumbing and electrical equipment. These vans are often customized with shelving, racks, and compartments for better organization.
  2. Flatbed Trucks: Popular vehicles like the Ford F-350, GMC Sierra 3500 HD, or Dodge Ram 3500 are commonly used in construction, farming, logistics, utilities, government, military, law enforcement, and overlanding;
  3. Pickup Trucks: Small to mid-sized trucks, such as the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, or Toyota Tacoma are versatile and popular choices. They all provide cargo space in the truck bed for transporting tools, equipment, and materials as well as extra seating for the crew;
  4. Refrigerated Trucks & Vans: With local food catering businesses and locally-sourced meat and produce on the rise, the most common repairs are on Chevrolet Express or "Reefer," Freightliner Sprinter, Nissan NV200, and Ford Connect. These vehicles are equipped with cooling or freezing systems to ensure the freshness and safety of food – and so we work feverishly to repair them as perishable food means lost profits to the owner.
  5. Specialty Vehicles: Forestry businesses might use specialized trucks with booms or winches, while furniture businesses may employ furniture box trucks with a built-in ramp or hydraulic liftgate. We work with all these scenarios and coordinate specialty services in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane as needed.

Ask Us for Commercial Vehicle Success Stories

If you would like to see case studies, photos, or talk to a previous customer about our past work on commercial vehicles, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be straight up with you – and let you know if we CANNOT do the job properly. For example, if you own a large box truck or cement truck, you will likely need to go south. We can make recommendations and phone calls on your behalf.

Schedule an appointment today and check out our repair gallery. We've started marking commercial repairs with "Pro Series" for professional services and commercial vehicles. Watch for more.