Summertime! Go Local with Our Luxury Car and SUV Repair Experts

At our small-town repair shop, we take pride in our ability to work wonders on foreign and luxury cars from Germany, Japan, Sweden, the U.S., and beyond – even after they've endured costly accidents. Our skilled team has an impressive collection of success stories, showcasing our expertise in the art of luxury car repair. We’ll be sharing high-end models in our before-and-after repair videos, photos, and case studies over the summer.

So, when you take your luxury ride out on the open road this summer, trust us to make it look brand new again if it gets hit by wildlife or endures damage from the sun, rocks, or tar. Our team is super talented and passionate about what they do. We even have a certified BMW technician on our team. Our repeat BMW, Volkswagon, Audi, and Mercedes Benz customers give us five-star ratings, and we are humbled.

Top 3 Challenges of Luxury Car Repairs

Repairing an Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, or Volvo after a fender bender can be a unique undertaking, presenting challenges that require finesse and know-how.

1. Most Complex Technology and Electronics

German luxury vehicles are renowned for advanced technology and intricate electronic systems, elevating the driving experience to a whole new level. However, their collision repairs require specialized knowledge and access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools and software. At our shop, we carefully inspect for hidden damage under smashed bumpers, fenders, and panels after any kind of crash - be it a curb bump or fender bender. Our team takes all the necessary steps to bring your vehicle back to 100% perfection. This focus on technological details set us apart as a professionally-certified, independent shop.

Choosing our local shop means you save time and hassle from going to Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, or another bigger city. We are faster than dealer service shops, overall, at getting your car fixed and we order parts from the same OEM dealerships anyway. So you get top-quality repairs without the higher prices charged by the dealerships.

2. High-Quality Parts Availability

Luxury cars and SUVs often boast unique parts that may not be readily available in a small town or might come at a higher cost. When it comes to sourcing genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for these vehicles, Anderson’s taps our strong dealership network across the Inland and Pacific Northwest. Ever since microchips and auto parts shortages started in 2020, we’ve developed a rich national network, especially for older luxury vehicles that may require after-market or LKQ (like kind and quality) parts. One example is a great supplier out of Chicago that typically ships parts to us within 48-72 hours.

We only order from authorized suppliers and ensure we have access to the right parts fast – before we put you on our repair schedule. Over the summer, we are normally booking two to four weeks out, and will not call you in until the majority of your parts are delivered to the shop. Plus, we have a lifetime warranty on all our work.

3. Manufacturer Specifications and People Expertise

Whether it's Porsche or Land Rover, luxury vehicle manufacturers have very specific repair guidelines and standards. Our team adheres to precise repair processes to maintain the vehicle's integrity and safety – and that requires training and skill.

Our employees have spent years honing their craft and staying up to date with the latest technical information and training. At the end of the day, our advantage is having great people who have a passion for cars.

For example, Matthew Haldeman earned his stripes in autobody and paint certification through the world-renowned BMW STEP Automotive Program. He was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota, and grew his trade mastery in Denver, Portland, and Los Angeles where BMWs and other German-engineered vehicles are plentiful! Matthew is now a proud resident of Clark Fork raising a young family.

It's a Matter of Pride

Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. We'll work tirelessly to ensure your luxury SUV car receives the care and attention it deserves. We understand the bond between a driver and an expensive vehicle that you worked hard to buy and maintain. We promise to treat your car as if it were our own. So, if your Beemer or Benz gets in a minor or major accident, you're in good hands with Anderson's Autobody. We're committed to maintaining exceptional quality standards, with your car looking and feeling as if it were brand new. We want to earn your trust in getting you back on the road - with a sense of confidence and a smile on your face.

Look for our Summer Drives Campaign highlighting our expert repairs on luxury rides.