Anderson's Autobody Now Optimized for Apple Maps and CarPlay

AppleMaps and Apple CarPlay help keep you safe hands-free while driving

This month, Anderson's Autobody optimized its business information on Apple CarPlay and Apple Maps - which is the default map app on your iPhone and other Apple devices. That's different from Google Maps which is the default on Android phones such as Samsung and LG.

Having Apple CarPlay in your vehicle means that if you use an iPhone, it will display directly on your dashboard including texts, your favorite music playlists, voice-activated Siri, and Apple Maps. It is against the law to text or place phone calls while driving in Idaho. So, Apple CarPlay is an excellent hands-free method you must learn to keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe.

The State of Idaho Has a Ban on Texting for All Drivers

This is the primary law that gives Idaho police officers the authority to pull you over and give you a ticket for violating the law, even if you are not guilty of any other traffic violation prior to that. The fines for distracted driving are as follows:

  • For texting while driving, the fine is $85 for each offense
  • For inattentive driving, you face fines of up to $3000 with the possibility of up to 90 days in jail

What Drivers Need to Know About Idaho's Hands-Free Device Law (ISC 49-1401A)

  • Idaho's hands-free device law requires electronic devices to be in hands-free mode while driving, including when stopped at a red light or stop sign
  • Our hands-free law makes holding a cell phone illegal while operating a vehicle
  • Drivers are not permitted to hold or support any electronic device or smartphone - they can only touch devices to activate hands-free mode
  • Activation of GPS, voice-to-text, and making or receiving calls is permitted with one-touch or voice command
  • Drivers are not allowed to touch a device for texting, emailing, apps, video, or Internet use
  • Handheld use is allowed only if the vehicle is both stationary and not located in a public travel lane or in an emergency.
  • Insurance companies can consider distracted driving violations when establishing insurance rates for a driver.

How Popular is Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay is available in >98% of newer makes and models going back to 2015 and 2016. Apple will release a new CarPlay in late 2023, essentially turning your vehicle's dashboard into a giant iPhone.

Anderson's is also on Google Maps, again the default on Android phones and Android Auto inside many vehicles. Google is by far the most popular Search Engine on the Internet with 93% of the market (followed by Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo). Of course, Google is also the go-to site for online customer reviews to help you find the highest-recommended restaurants, home construction, landscaping, auto repair, and other professional services rated from 1-5 by customers like you.

If you have an iPhone and you're not sure how to connect it, here are two great articles. Or ask for Cam at the shop!

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